How to use filters on your iPhone 7 photos

If you just bought an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus we are sure that one of the first things you would like to do with it is to start using your fantastic camera to make photos and videos, and start sharing them with your family and friends for the social networks.

Learn how to use filters for photos on your iPhone

We will teach you, with this practical guide, how to apply the filters to the photos you make with your iPhone, these filters will bring a new aspect to your images by completely changing the photograph that you have taken, and is that the Photos app for iOS is An excellent tool for organizing and cataloging photos, even there are several editing tools included in it that save us the need to import the photos to a computer for later editing.

Guide to using the iOS filters in the iPhone photos app

The first thing is to open the Photos application, here we will show the albums and the camera roll, both the photos and videos you have captured or the screenshots taken. Touching these individual photos will allow you to make more adjustments in full screen mode.

Touching the photo will show us the options available, the Share icon in the lower left corner, a heart will add it to our favorites, the slider is the editing option and the icon of the trash can, as you have imagined, Photography. To Edit simply press the slider, that with three horizontal lines with the dials in them, once pressed shows us the different things we can do with the photo editing, which also includes the option of filters. You will recognize the filter icon using the three-shaded circles diagram.

Touching through the different filter options will allow you to preview the filters applied in the live photo. If you save the photo, it will be saved with the filter applied, but you can always go back by repeating the steps and selecting None in the available filters.
How to use filters to take photos on the iPhone

It is also possible to use filters when we want to take a picture when we use the camera, you will see the same three circles filter icon in the upper right corner and pressing again will open the filter options, from here you can choose a filter and capture The photos with him the filter applied directly.

Get the best Black Friday deals on Apple products

On Black Friday you can also find Apple products at the best price

If you are looking forward to the arrival of Black Friday this year is not for less, the best offers on all types of product are achieved at this time, we know that many of you are waiting for the coming November 25 to find the best deals and Discounts for Apple products, as it is one of the best options to ensure a great discount on your next device, be it an iPhone or an iPad, with very affordable prices so you can release that new terminal that you wait.

We explain how to get the best deal and, for us, one of the best options is Rebatly. It is a web portal where it locates through a search engine, all kinds of brands and products, the cheapest options and the occasional offers of the best known places on the Internet like Amazon, Fnac, El Corte Ingl├ęs, etc.
Wishlist, the best option to bargain this Black Friday

This year, to facilitate the search of the products we want, have added the wishlist option, I explain how it works:

Accessing the Black Friday section of the Rebatly website links us directly to the possibility of “Go to the Wishlist”, something very useful for our purchases, since it is enough to add in the search engine the product that we want, for example: Apple MacBook Pro 13 “Retina 2017, and this will look for the best offer at that time and if there were none remains in our Wishlist to warn you from next day 25 so you can benefit from the discounts. In addition, the Wishlist can be sent to your email to warn you of alerts without having to worry about seeing if there are new offers.

In case you want to do with an iPhone SE, simply type in the search engine name of the device, and automatically we see the option of Apple iPhone SE 64 GB space gray, indicating its official price as well as the offer price and Where they are taking place, with a simple click and we will be making the purchase without major complications.

Save on your Apple products thanks to Rebatly

Rebatly is a great way to save money on the purchase of different types of products, including Apple’s, in this new edition of Black Friday either through an online discount offered by some website or the Apple Store itself, where large Discounts, up to 200 euros, on items like the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus or even the iPhone 6.

There were numerous users who achieved excellent discounts on the purchase of MacBook, Apple TV or iMac equipment, so if you are expecting the arrival of Black Friday you only have to use the Wishlist offered by Rebatly and forget about everything else, You can select the products that you are looking for and with the best prices from a single website.

More comfortable and easy, right? Enjoy this Black Friday with Rebatly without worrying about your Apple device running out of stores and taking advantage of your wish list with great bargains.

Stuck in Geometry Dash? Beat any level with these tricks

Geometry Dash

We all know the cool and addictive Geometry Dash, but surely more than once you’ve been frustrated trying to overcome some of its numerous and intricate levels. It’s a really difficult game especially on the most advanced levels, however, with the tricks we give you next (and some determination and patience, of course) you will not be able to resist any of their screens. Grab paper and pen and point these tips to end once and for all with that happy level that resists you.

Rhythm and ability

As you know Geometry Dash simply relies on surpassing musical levels through its different game modes, although all are based on accuracy, dodging obstacles and pure platform.

  • Keep up the pace: At all official levels and in the majority of those created by the community to keep up with the music, it will be a great help for you to move forward. In the more frenzied zones where the jumps are very fast if you look you will realize that you can surpass them simply following the rhythm with your jumps. A very simple trick that will make areas that previously seemed impossible a play of children.
  • Focus on a single level: If you jump from level to level trying to find an easier one will only frustrate you since the more advanced screens are all more complex, you will not find any easier. If you focus on finishing a single level you will gradually catch the trick and eventually complete it. Do not get frustrated without getting it, the fun is to overcome the obstacles that the game poses to you, in addition, the more you strive the better you will feel when you complete the screen.

Test community maps: If after a lot of testing you can not overcome a level you can download and play one created by the community. Most are designed for experts, but if you look good you can find simpler maps to practice and catch skill until you are able to finish the one that was holding you back.

All you have to do is practice these tricks and start to get addicted.

Castle Clash with different Tips & Trick


Just waiting for the quest “Rerolle a hero Talent” and use a talent Reroll card. Upon completion of this quest you will get gift 300 gems. However, these cards should remember they have previously created as storage. You can find this talent Reroll cards Castle Clash concluded conflict era of laying age of legends talent refresh card in the warehouse, where they are offered on that day.

Free EP-book at Heroes Evolution

Get a free EXP book while evolving a hero. Always remember: Evolve the hero ONLY when LEAST 1 EP on the Level 180 addition. Thus, you get a 100% 500,000th Experience-book for free!

Each “Unopened” 500,000 EP-step gives you a 500,000th EP-book

Heroes Totem

AM Play recommends these legendary heroes for heroes Totems:

Thunderstorm Lv6
A random opponent is struck by lightning. All opponents located within suffer 350% SCH and fall into a coma for 1.5 sec

Spectacular Scales Lv6
Gives an allied 5s the control of the totems invulnerability and allows him to any damage to reflect (except building damage).

Bodyslam Lv6
Adds 33 random soil units on the battlefield 150% ATK to the units hit are stunned 2s and reduce their energy by 35%.

Storm of Seth Lv6
Surrounds Immortep 6 seconds with a sandstorm. Has a chance of inflicting the enemies within the sandstorm 200% SCH, enabling them to 1 sec into a coma.

Daily earn Fame Points

If you belong to a guild, and are already in possession of some of the legendary hero, then uses the chance to 14300 Honor points castle clash concluded conflict era of laying age of legends fame points. Achieves the boss battle with the boss 3 at least 36 million damage to snatch the maximum fame point win. The Boss 3 has 120 million hit points and should be easy to defeat with “Perm stunning” (permanent coma). Pay attention to this your only 36 million hands out damage out of consideration – and no more. Good heroes for permanent coma are: Vlad Dracula, god of thunder, Champion, destroyers, Captain White Beard, Minotaur and Immortep. See more guides and tips by visiting

Tired of looking for Wally? Test Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is a curious title available for iOS, PC and soon for Android (although in the case of mobile devices it is recommended to play on large screens). If you’ve ever enjoyed a little with any of the books from “Where’s Wally?” You’ll have a great time with this proposal from two independent developers. We’ll tell you more below.

This way or that way?

As you can imagine the game has the same premise as the aforementioned Wally books, however, do not think it is so simple, it is a game with a charisma and certain novelties that give it a great added value with respect to the series of Children’s book games.

We will have to look for different characters and elements in huge areas full of details, all this handmade with a simplistic design in black and white. In addition we have a sound box carving knife since all the sound effects of the game are made by one of its developers, We will listen to him imitating different animals, blows … until the menus.

At first finding something so small in such large areas may seem impossible, but, we have small clues that make the game much more enjoyable while still maintaining the challenge. We can also focus on certain areas by zooming with the clamp gesture on touch screens and with the mouse wheel on PC.

If you are looking for a quiet game that does not require skill or put your heart at 100 per action this is certainly your choice, we could even say that it is a small zen experience that you can take anywhere on your mobile.

We finish the review mentioning that the game has a palette of colors “night mode” that reverses the colors, so our view will not suffer as we look for that jumpy monkey that both resist us in the crowd.

SimCity is now available for all users of OS X


After several delays in its production seems that Maxis and Electronic Arts finally have reached the level required to launch their urban Simulator to the street. SimCity is now available for all users of OS X at the Origin store. Been to pray, but finally we can manage our own city from our Mac mood! An entire city is waiting for someone who takes it to the top.

The urban Simulator that all OS X users were expecting finally has come to the shops. After the delay announced by EA a few months ago the date did not see close on that, definitely, will launch its acclaimed Simulator.

The arrival of SimCity came loaded with problems in the PC version, and it seems, OS X users also will get rid of these problems of post-launch. Errors with the language, installation failure, incompatibilities with the betas of OS X Mavericks and other problems more. Errors that little by little the guys from Maxis and Electronic Arts will be solving to make the experience less start possible.

Now, from our iMac, can create the city we have always dreamed of and be ourselves to take the relevant decisions in it to convert our city in the most desired, inhabited and visited. Every decision has its consequences, and these, however small that will have influence on the game.

Choose wisely where to invest, cares about the health of your inhabitants, plays with taxes–but not overdo or you’ll have a citizen revolt-, seeks the balance and the citizens will worship you. In addition, you can participate in global competitions with other players where will be at stake several titles as the cleanest city, the richest, the most appropriate to visit among other many decorations.

As for the technical requirements, they are not very high. With a Core 2 Duo processor, 2 GB of RAM, an Intel HD3000 graphics or higher and a version equal to or greater than OS X 10.7 will be enough to move the game. So, any computer from early 2009 onwards you can make use of this magnificent Simulator.

The game is available at the official store of EA, Origin at a price of 59.95 euros in its normal version and from 79.95 Deluxe version – which includes several packs of European cities extra-. Good news is that those users who have purchased your version for PC, can make use of this simcity buildit hack on your Mac with OS X without having to purchase another copy. Great success of Electronic Arts!. We expect hours and hours of eternal fun. Well get your efforts and leads to your city to rub shoulders with the world’s biggest.

Obtaining the Latest Information on Ps3

The Ps3 3 is one of the very most eagerly anticipated game playing games consoles this season. Besides, with the best graphics and sound technology integrated in this console, who wouldn’t wish to know more relating to this gaming system or even better, purchase one at the soonest possible time?

Today gaming consoles are extremely very popular and are among the finest varieties of entertainment. With a gaming system, you’ll be able to entertain yourself if you are bored or spend some quality time with your friends and relations. Imagine just, you can play your children’s favorite video games after an extended trip to work. Due to gaming consoles, you’ll be able to relax and play with your kids at exactly the same time.

So, if you are considering the upcoming Ps3 3, you need to understand about the latest information about it. Ps3 3 reports is filled with information which you can use in order to boost your gambling experience. The most recent news about Ps3 3 will permit you to learn about different new accessories available and also about the several latest games on offer.

The most recent media in Ps3 3 today is approximately the format it facilitates. The Blu-ray drive can be an advanced disc drive that is integrated in the new Ps3 3. This Blu-ray disk drive is one of the latest solutions in the disk media and can store data 5 times greater than that of your regular DVD. This implies game builders can develop a lot more reasonable video games with higher details.

The Blu-ray drive is one of the latest improvements to gaming games consoles no other gaming system is using the Blu-ray drive aside from Ps3 3. Another benefit for Blu-ray drive is the fact it can read nearly every disc media. Which means that your investment in your old PlayStation and PlayStation 2 video games can be performed through the Ps3 3. Also is usually that the Blu-ray drive can play your Movie films and even audio tracks CDs. This makes that Ps3 3 an hub for entertainment all-in-one.

Another latest in the Ps3 3 media is the fact Sony shall reassert Ps3 3 shipments. By the ultimate end of the fiscal year on March 21, 2007, Sony expects to ship a complete of six million systems worldwide. Sony feels that the six million models to be sold is not really a difficult focus on worldwide. This is due to growing anticipation and growing popularity of the Ps3 3 worldwide even prior to the hardware is in fact released.

Media of the expected retail price has gone out also. You will find two configurations for Ps3 3 that Sony will be releasing on the market. One is the essential configuration that will definitely cost US$499 and the other is the premium configuration that will definitely cost US$599 in america. The primary difference between both of these configurations is actually that, the high quality construction will contain much more involved features, like a 60GB upgradeable hard drive, built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, and flash credit card readers.

All these plus more can be read when you get on the Ps3 3 website. More forthcoming media about the discharge will be soon uploaded. If there are any noticeable changes with the discharge date, you’ll be the first ever to know by logging to the PlayStation website.

What is HDR and how will the PS4 Pro 4k / HDR games?

The table below (source: Sony) find the process of the PS4 Pro with the various display options.

If a game does not support 4K and you have a 4K TV, the game is automatically scaled to 4K, which details better get out of the paint. Do HDR TV and a game that does not support HDR, HDR is not activated and the image appears to 4k. So you see only HDR image if both support your TV when the game HDR.

I have no 4K TV, the PS4 Pro is for me?

Sony showed games on the PS4 Pro demos during the presentation. They tried to make it clear that you can also have fun with the better specifications without 4K TV. Do you have a HDTV that supports 1080p full HD, then you sharper detail, more vivid colors and an enhanced visual experience density. There is a noticeable difference between games that run on standard PS4 and the PS4 Pro.

PS4 Pro Features: What’s new?

The Sony PS4 Pro has many new features. This section is a summary of the main new features of the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The PS4 Pro can stream 4K

PlayStation 4 Pro can stream content in 4K. Netflix and YouTube have confirmed to be special PS4 Pro apps, making Ultra HD (UHD, 4k) content can be via your PlayStation 4 Pro shown. Sony also confirmed that Netflix will 600 hours of 4K content available have at the end of this year, including Marvel’s Luke Cage and the second season of Narcos.

PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality)

PS4 PlayStation Pro & VR bundle Sony has – in addition to the PS4 pro PS4 Slim – are still a product on the schedule. PlayStation VR comes out on October 13, 2016. The PlayStation 4 Pro will appear a month later. The price of the PS VR-glasses and PS4 Pro is the same, get free ps4 giveaway here

Gamers fear that the current PS4 is not powerful enough for PlayStaiton VR. The PS4 Pro should ensure that PlayStation VR gets better frame rates and display details. This is possible can be improved by the improved GPU, allowing virtual experiences.

PlayStation 4 Introduction – Gamers ANTICIPATE Great PS4 Deals

Avid gamers want frontward to the Sony PlayStation 4 which is defined to be launched in November 2013. As the company has a wide array of pre-orders to cope with already, people remain looking for attractive PS4 bargains in order to choose the much awaited system at the perfect price, due to the fact they may need to pay a high grade in comparison with pre-order prices.

If you intend to choose the PS4 basic load up then you have the PlayStation 4 gaming system, three cords (HDMI, USB charging and ability), headset and the much popular DualShock 4 cellular controller. All this is offered by around $399. Obviously, while most vendors sell the essential game console load up at the resolved price, a few of them offer them at a discount. Another factor that differs is the expense of shipping which portions to around $10, although this noticeable changes in line with the retailer. Some bundles include an additional DualShock 4 controller also. There is certainly talk that the purchase price might drop right before the launch. However, certain retailers have focused on refund the difference to individuals who have paid the bigger amount.

If you’re looking for less expensive for money then you might look for PS4 discounts where the gaming console comes bundled with unique games. Actually, the decision of Obligation: Spirits Exclusive Prestige Release is very much indeed popular and comes bundled with the unit at around $450 Other popular game titles that are part of the offers are Killzone: Darkness Land and Assassin’s Creed 4: Dark colored Flag. FIFA 14 is an extremely popular option with gaming aficionados also. In addition, gamers who do not need to buy specific games can opt for PS4 deals that include a number of player cards and patches that permit them to take pleasure from their gaming experience in the best manner possible.

It’s likely you have to wait time to lay down your side on the newest Sony PlayStation 4 if you don’t have pre-ordered it prior to the cutoff night out in August. However, you can obtain it if you order it from the right merchant still. You need to be prepared to devote somewhat of effort to be able to discover a retailer who can provide you the best PS4 deals as well as early delivery. Naturally, you’ll have a lot of fun once you decide to do get your brand-new game unit.

Super Mario Run Generator Parts & Tips

Hello ! We would like to welcome you to our brand new parts generator for Super Mario Run. This is the brand new creation of Nintendo and we are proud to have been able to work to make the experience of the game even better. We have already noted that users are looking for parts for Super Mario Run and we have worked very hard to be able to present this parts generator which will give a serious give a boost to the beginners of this new nice game.

Super Mario Run Parts Generator

This new game designed by Nintendo already promises to be a huge success as the other variant already released since the creation of Mario that is to say several years ago. Super Mario Run comes in three different game modes. In the first mode, various panting challenges await you in which you will pick up coins. In the second mode, you must beat the scores made by other players by achieving a level with the most style and so persuade the Toads to join you. Finally, in the third game mode, you can create your own Mushroom realm using the resources you will accumulate with the other two available game modes. This little game is likely to have a very good success as Nintendo always knew how to do well! Who could have believed in the hidden potential behind Super Mario Run. Do not wait any longer and go straight to the heart of the subject: how to get coins for Super Mario Run. You are probably wondering how to get unlimited gems for the Super Mario Run game? We have the answer to this question and we are very happy to present it to you as soon as the game is released. Here you will use the 2017 online version of Super Mario Run Generator and this will not be eternal, Occasion while it is still within reach of the hand!

About Super Mario Run Generator Parts & Tips

Super Mario Run is a popular mobile game programmed by Nintendo and is available for devices running iOS and Android (soon). Inspired by Flappy Bird and its like, Nintendo presents a new game derived from the Super Mario saga that will be released first under iOS, but it will be available on the Android platform not very long after that of iOS. Since December 2016, it is one of the new game of the company Nintendo, but is the first official Mario put online on the respective app store. This is a very popular game that you have to download and that is worth playing because it reaches a large majority of people of different generations! In short, Super Mario Run will present itself as a, and users will have to pay a single $ 9.99 to get the full game.

This is why players are looking for parts for Super Mario Run to win most of the tables available to players. There seems to be a lot of Cheat for Super Mario Run online but none will be as good and performing as our generator created by us for this game. All this sounds fraudulent for the normal player but this is now all that is made possible With the help of our site! With the Super Mario Run Parts Generator and its high reliability, you will be surprised to see your parts and other parts grow very quickly. With the parts for Super Mario Run, you will get into the high sphere of the best players in the game. This generator is the best 100% real online tool for Super Mario Run. Here we can generate coins and other resources directly on your Super Mario Run account, do not hesitate a second before this is no longer possible!