Monster GO! For Windows Phone receives an update with a new class and more

Monster GO

I recently told you about Monster GO !, an exclusive game for terminals with Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile by Game Troopers and developed by ThinkBox, that puts us in the skin of a monster of three different to choose. So, we will face an endless runner with elements of RPG that will allow us to improve little by little.

Thus, to date it was possible to choose a berserker, a gunslinger and an adventurer, each with its strengths and weaknesses. As we were earning money it would be possible to equip these characters with weapons, boots, helmets and other elements that would increase their stats like speed, strength and health. Temporary improvements in health, strength and others are also available from the game shop.

However, in case everything that the game offers is not enough, an update is now available for Monster GO that adds more content so you do not stand idle. In this update will be added a new class, the Mage, which will undoubtedly give much more game and will allow you to face the challenges already seen before but with another point of view similar to that of the gunman, but with magic attacks.

Another novelty included in this update is a new pet system, which will allow us to acquire a companion that will help us fight during the course of our missions and that will have several abilities to enhance, since this one will also be able to level up to As you gain experience. The rest of the changes included in this update have to do with the inclusion of 10 new achievements, a new game icon, changes in the person selection screen, modifications to adjust the difficulty, and various bug fixes.

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