What is HDR and how will the PS4 Pro 4k / HDR games?

The table below (source: Sony) find the process of the PS4 Pro with the various display options.

If a game does not support 4K and you have a 4K TV, the game is automatically scaled to 4K, which details better get out of the paint. Do HDR TV and a game that does not support HDR, HDR is not activated and the image appears to 4k. So you see only HDR image if both support your TV when the game HDR.

I have no 4K TV, the PS4 Pro is for me?

Sony showed games on the PS4 Pro demos during the presentation. They tried to make it clear that you can also have fun with the better specifications without 4K TV. Do you have a HDTV that supports 1080p full HD, then you sharper detail, more vivid colors and an enhanced visual experience density. There is a noticeable difference between games that run on standard PS4 and the PS4 Pro.

PS4 Pro Features: What’s new?

The Sony PS4 Pro has many new features. This section is a summary of the main new features of the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The PS4 Pro can stream 4K

PlayStation 4 Pro can stream content in 4K. Netflix and YouTube have confirmed to be special PS4 Pro apps, making Ultra HD (UHD, 4k) content can be via your PlayStation 4 Pro shown. Sony also confirmed that Netflix will 600 hours of 4K content available have at the end of this year, including Marvel’s Luke Cage and the second season of Narcos.

PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality)

PS4 PlayStation Pro & VR bundle Sony has – in addition to the PS4 pro PS4 Slim – are still a product on the schedule. PlayStation VR comes out on October 13, 2016. The PlayStation 4 Pro will appear a month later. The price of the PS VR-glasses and PS4 Pro is the same, get free ps4 giveaway here ps4giveaway.win.

Gamers fear that the current PS4 is not powerful enough for PlayStaiton VR. The PS4 Pro should ensure that PlayStation VR gets better frame rates and display details. This is possible can be improved by the improved GPU, allowing virtual experiences.

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