Why are pre-bookings in video games still growing?

pre-bookings video games

If we go back a bit to the past, we remember that time when on the launch days the stores were full of fans eager to get a copy. At that time, it was almost necessary to reserve a copy, since you made sure you had it from the first day it went to market. But now everything has changed, the digital sector is the one that sells the most and then: Why are pre-reservations in video games still growing?

Pre-reserves only benefit companies

Even after several days or even weeks after the release, you do not really know the full potential of a game. Since as well we know that we are in this world, when a game is released it does not finish being polished in its totality, therefore there are patches of day one. When making a pre-booking the only thing you are doing is fattening the pockets of a company hoping to get something decent in return.

You are paying for something that is not done, that you do not know if what they have shown will be the final result, that you do not know if you will like it and that in itself is a mix of possible faults, errors and complications. The users are the losers while companies make money, collect data and study the market for the next delivery. This practice is to ensure the success of the game before it hits the market.

Preorder Evolve

The problem here more than the companies are the users. This bad habit is encouraged by us, that every delivery of our favorite franchise runs to Steam without thinking. We are causing this to become the norm. We are selling to obtain in many cases extras that do not contribute anything to the history of the game, gameplay and experience. What we earn are simply items or accessories that can be seen to have been among the first to be blinded by the company’s promises.

What can we do to change this?

Wait. All we have to do is wait. The hype we can, the companies know it and take advantage of this. We are bombarded with extra content that we can access if we leave sixty euros in the air for a few months until the official exit of the game. If all users now proposed not pre-book any new releases, this madness would end. But many players are not willing to let skins of the shift COD or a Station Pass. For all those more sensible I will tell you that waiting is the best thing you can do.

Preorder Destiny

The last word you have as a user. If you decide to pre-book a game you know that the balance of cons weighs more than that of the pros. Just keep in mind that this game may not be what you’ve been waiting for. Let the initial hype pass and think if it’s really worth it to spend so much on a game that is not yet real. That same game, after two weeks, will be cheaper and you will know if it really meets the expectations placed on it. If you are a user like me, wait for the Steam offers where you can get much cheaper.

Let us know what you think on this subject. Have you pre-booked a game? Which has it been? Do you feel that what you bought fulfilled all your expectations?

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